Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Marriott Marquis Will Never be the Same

I had to stay at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan (as in, the city in which I reside) on Monday because of a conference I was organizing on Tuesday. In true slavedriving fashion, we all had to sleep over so that we could be ready to go without having to worry about "pesky traffic" at 6:05am the next morning. So I arrive at my room (14 blocks from my apartment)at 10pm after a dinner with coworkers at the nauseating revolving restaurant at the top of the building and I am so ready to watch - all together now - Laguna Beach. I mean, this is the one thing to which I look forward ALL week. I live for Laguna Beach. Except THERE IS NO LAGUNA BEACH because THERE IS NO MTV! Although there is every other cable channel you can imagine. This is the conversation that ensued:
Me: Uh, where's MTV?
Marriott: I'm sorry, we don't include MTV in our cable package.
Me: Well, how do you suggest I watch Laguna Beach?
Marriott: The MTV Building is conveniently located across the street, perhaps they are playing it in the window?
Me: It's monsooning out. I need a solution that will not involve leaving this hotel, yet will still result in me watching Laguna Beach. And I've now missed the first 8 minutes.
Marriott: I apologize, I'm afraid we simply don't offer that channel.
Me: I need one good reason not to hold our event next year at the Sheridan.

I complained to the general manager and he told me that he would consider adding MTV to their cable line up over there (only because I had VIP status as PwC pays several thousand dollars annually for use of their space as it is one of 2 hotels in NYC that can accomodate a crowd of 500+).

It's official. This job is making me insane.


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